Fashion makeup 2012: A bright lipstick or natural

The dispute between the bright red and soft pastel shades of lipstick never ends. And though saturated colors, maybe look more impressive, this fall, Napoleon advised to pay attention to warm skin ton


Dior Addict lipsticks

Today we bring you images of Dior Addict lipstick, colorful makeup line your lips with Dior's celebrated. And although Dior Addict lip is just, we see here are just that, a touch of color in fashion


Latest Trend in Lip Color

You do not know what shade of lipstick to use when your makeup, or how to combine lip color with the eye, do not worry, because the latest trend in lip colorfor this year is the natural.


Makeup Fall 2011 CAST Lipstick

Prefer to emphasize the lips? Then your version of makeup Autumn 2011 - is the bright lipstick and other makeup at least. Increase the volume of the lips, using just two lipstick shades close to each


Emphasis on the lips

Arrows of Cupid. Red lips. Classic. Schick. Always and everywhere with beautiful makeup actual thick arrows and luscious red lips.


Fashion Makeup Trends Bright red Lips

In the coming season is considered fashionable to focus on your lips - this will help you bright, rich colors, fruit and caramel tones.